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Quick intro: `git branch` will tell you which branch you are in. Note that there is a 'master' branch in your cloned repository as well. `angband:master` should be the official version.
If you are using the command line, `git merge angband:master`, given from inside your branch, should bring you up to date. Pray to the old gods and the new that there are no merge conflicts, or you are up for a tedious job of reviewing conflicting changes. If you haven't configured a graphical merge tool, it will be done by inserting markers in the files such as
version A
version B
`git cherry-pick` allows you to selectively bring changes across.

`git help command-name`, for instance `git help pull` will give you some documentation, in the style of man pages. A tutorial does help, even if you only skim through it. `pull` means "bring changes in from a remote source", `push` means "export your changes to a remote source (not necessarily the official angband version, it may also mean your working copy on github).
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