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Originally Posted by Gauss View Post
if someone wants a DIFFICULT game experience then play Halo 2 campaign on legendary.
It's a nightmare.

Have fun
Shout out to Gauss about Halo 2 Legendary! I personally beaten it on Legendary on solo by myself. What an experience! Since this is now mentioned honorably, I hope to do that entire Halo 2 Legendary solo campaign again by myself. I might make some videos of how I (Hugo) play Halo 2. If you've ever played Halo 1, its 3rd level - Truth & Reconciliation - has a gravity lift room that is notorious for being brutal on Legendary.

This is me killing the Covenant in Halo 1's Legendary Truth & Reconciliation gravity lift room...Hugo-style:
I play Hugostyle on!

My best try at PosChengband 7.0.0's nightmare-mode on

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