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There are certainly some old (and in some cases obsolete) bugs in the tracker, but it is also reasonably up to date with the latest. If you look at "View tickets" and "All open tickets for 4.2 and Triaging" you'll see the current bugs.

The main things happening for 4.2.0 are:
  • Redo of classes (largely done, but still not finalised)
  • Redo of races (not done)
  • Redo of artifacts (not done)
  • Work on randarts, which are currently OP (not done)
  • Redo of monster AI and monster list (currently in progress, but nothing visible yet)

There are multiple ways you could approach this, so rather than suggesting I'll leave it completely to you. If you want to talk coding there is #angband-dev channel on (it's really quiet at the moment, but if someone starts talking people will sometimes arrive) and there are plenty of people here who know stuff. Have fun, and ask questions any time
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