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PNG-8 doesn't help

But it seems I've found the source of this issue:

When photoshop load .png file, it's assigning it's Alpha channel as 'transparency'; so when you save it again 'transparent' alpha glitches.. There is some workaround with PNG-24, but it's generates certain white artifacts around some objects..

So it seems photoshop isn't suited for tiles editing at all (and it's very sad cause it's the most popular software for artists).

Takkaria, which software do you use?



1) maybe if we would clean 'transparent' pixels from tileset (to remove artifacts), it would be alright to use PNG-24. What do you think?
2) maybe there should be technical specifications for PNG format which Angband tileset should use, including:
- which PNG format to use (8, 24)
- interlaced or no
- which color system

I've read in the guide that alpha could be used for unusual double height objects.. sounds interesting. is there an example of such object in-game?
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