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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Isn't there an option to save with alpha transparency? There must be; try to save it as PNG24 with transparency (which, I guess, most people would call PNG32 ).
Nope, photoshop using .png format transparency, not separate alpha channel. So people who use photoshop with alpha channel for gamedev purpose (eg unreal engine) are screwed.

Takkaria, thanks, but I as I noted above this is deeper problem: when you open .png in photoshop it doesn't show alpha channel for it, it's got only RGB channels; cause it define alpha as .png format transparency. So after you edit the file in photoshop and wanna save it - it 'writes' in .png channel 'transparency', not alpha.. So it makes transparent pixel as white ones (as in my 1st screenshots)..

I've downloaded GIMP - when you open .png with this program - it shows separate alpha channel there, so it's working alright... But GIMP isn't really comfortable, so much photoshop functions doesn't work there
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