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Originally Posted by Thraalbee View Post
I've been playing the nightlies for a while now. My typical ironman style. Tried melee, then ranged as rogue and ranger. Normally these are not that hard to get going, but I have been struggling more than usual. Looking at it that feels reasonable, lot's of boosted monsters and several new nasty ones.

Then, sick of losing, just for the heck of it I rolled up a high elf mage. I tend to suck at mages but it couldn't very well go worse. But here comes the surprise, the mage is now the "easy mode". At least for in the early levels, it used to be the other way around. Spellpower is plenty, fail rates low, recharging is reliable and powerful, device skill boost is big, xp from some spells gives you another level ...
That's interesting; it's great to get some data on how the game is currently playing. I am finding my main obstacle to playtesting is dying

Checking spell XP is one thing that needs doing - sounds like mages probably need it reduced a little. Also recharging may be OP.
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