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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Still working on artifacts, with vague input from this thread - again, any opinions welcome.

The one thing that is obvious to me from playing is that the 'thancs are way overpowered. After working out how they got to be this way (via this thread, and other places), I decided to deal with things as they are rather than trying to re-litigate past decisions. So the plan is to keep their current (+9, +12), but reduce them to 1d4.

Any comments on how randarts are playing now are also most welcome.
We had thancs in the poslikes, the original 1d4 with (+3,+6) was underwhelming. Previous attempts to buff them included giving them +1 speed and a random higher resist. I copied the Vanilla values and they were indeed rather OP. I eventually settled on (+6,+9) and 2d5 (every weapon in composband got +1 or +2 ds when I forked from poscheng).

Personally I'd rather see a reduction in the to_h and to_d and keep the dd, because dice and brands are a more interesting mechanic than to_d, where in the latter case the weapon damage kind of pales into insignificance and the number of attacksto leverage the to_d is king. Which is IMO a problem in V combat generally. More emphasis on dd and ds makes more more varied combat and potentially more interesting weapon choices as it allows brands to shine and decreases emphasis on blows/round.

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