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Reworking enchantments so that huge pluses (>15? Maybe >20?) are uncommon or nonexistent seems worthy of consideration. I don't have strong opinions on it at the moment, though.

IMO the permanent enchantment spells need to go. They encourage boring play and make it harder to balance the game. In the past everyone had that problem, because enchantment scrolls were sold in stores; now it's just priests. I'm sure we can find a worthwhile spell to replace them with. Maybe a super-heroism spell? *shrug*

As for the 'thancs, and artifacts in general, I think it's more special to find an artifact that does something that ordinary weapons can't do than it is to find an artifact that's just better than an ordinary weapon. In that lens, the big problem the thancs had was that they were literally just branded daggers that activated for an elemental bolt. The activation isn't bad, but it's not enough to distinguish them.

A thanc dagger that was 3d4 (+0,+0), say, is effectively a super-lightweight branded bastard sword, which is an effect that is completely unavailable otherwise. Its average damage would be 22.5/blow vs. nonresistant enemies, which is most of them in the early game where the thancs are at all relevant.

You could also have the thancs activate for an elemental bolt plus some other effect, like Shield (+50 AC), temporary ESP, Confuse Monster, etc. The goal isn't necessarily to make their power output such that they remain useful for a long time, so much as it is to make them memorable so they stand out compared to the ego items you'd otherwise be using at this stage in the game.
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