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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Haven't had time to look yet. This is a PWMA set? V + extras?
As far as I understand, yes, it has everything V needs (including "passable rubble") + MORE. Not sure about player decoy/spider webs/new spell books, and new traps, though, better ask tangar.

I believe this should eventually replace "classic" DVG tilesets in all *bands, tome2/tomenet, Sil, etc. The amount of work put into this is very impressive.

BTW, tangar, I would suggest NOT going over 4096x4096 limit just yet, this seems awfully close to the maximum texture size on many of the old GPUs, so unless *bands implement some kind of virtual texture splitter (haven't seen anything like that yet), it would make it unusable on old hardware.
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