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Originally Posted by bron View Post
I should also note that I have done this sort of operation many times during the game already, with many different types of wands/staffs, so it definitely has worked before. Although .. I believe (?) that all the other times I've done the multiple recharging thing, the character was in the dungeon, rather than in the town.
What can you remember of the history of this stack of wands? Had they been recharged like this before, had you had any blow up from recharge fail, had you bought or sold any of them, were they dropped by monsters or found on the ground, did you ever leave them at home? I'm not expecting you to remember all this, just looking for hints as to where the problem might lie.

I plan to fix the problem by actually aligning number of item and its known version every time there is a drop or a pickup, but it would be nice to know what's currently going wrong.
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