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I do not know sicilian theory (the last time I played one was like 15 years ago and I always played the closed variant) but I would play 5.c4 creating a maroczy structure. The dame is not well placed in d4 (but hey, it is never well placed there in the opening) and a knight should be there, but a6 is also some kind of time loss.
Ag5 seems a good option, in your game h6 and g5 are clear mistakes, his king will never find shelter and if the position opens he will suffer. Once black plays h6 and g5 white´s main problems are f3 knight and g3 bishop, they are quite passive so the priority should be activate them so 11. Nd2 seems strong, in b3 or c4 it will controls better points and you can play at some moment f3 to activate the bishop.
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