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64 x 64 pixel tileset "V2.0".

This tileset has 2 types of walls and 2 types of doors, I'll explain my thoughts about them:

There's now a solid wall for vertical walls and "fillings" between rooms/tunnels,
the "south" end of this wall needs to end in a "3D-type" wall.
"3D-type" walls are shown for horizontal walls and "south" corners.

Horizontal doors are just 1 tile as shown in the concept,vertical doors need to be 2 tiles stacked vertically. As seen in the concept, the vertical door to the left is shown as open, the one to the right is closed. The vertical door should also have a version that is flipped 180 degrees.

This should generate less work than my initial approach to the tileset...hopefully.

I'm also thinking of creating different player tiles for when the player is standing in the doorway (some of the player being blocked by the wall/doorway), it shouldn't be too hard to add this feature to the game?

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