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Originally Posted by Shockbolt View Post
Can the dungeon be rendered using only two (or three tile types) as in my second version posted instead of the 3D'ish first version at the beginning of this thread? I've put together a better example that show the new wall tiles and how they are put together, I even used one of Your examples from a previous reply
Yeah, if you don't need the horizontal perspective then we can use many fewer tiles. I think this would be a lot more feasible to do and it still looks nice!

Right now the game can't use two tiles on one square (for instance, to hide the player like you suggested). It's a neat idea but I'd rather stick to something simpler at first.

So yeah, as long as you can represent a verticle line of three walls, two walls, and a wall standing by itself we should be fine.

EDIT: I had something about needing a different graphic for a pillar. I'm not sure we do although it might be nice to have.

EDIT2: The one sort of confusing thing is that if you have two walls which are diagonal you can move between them. The horizontal perspective is nice in that we could make it obvious that there is space, but having to make 47 tile images would be really thankless.

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