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Originally Posted by Azerath View Post
If you are trying to run Angband 3.2.0 from VS2010, just unzip downloaded sources and place attached files (sln + vcxproj* into src folder).

The only problematic things are:
- size_t in game-cmd.c as mentioned today in the other thread
- utils.c and player/utils.c produces same obj by default, so rename player utils to player_utils.c and it should work!
- mouse moving is not working due to bug with switched coordinates

Debugging works like a charm :-) Tested on 32/64 bit Win7 with VS2010 Ultimate/Express.

Hi Azerath,

I hope to fix the size_t issue and maybe also rename player/utils.c to something else. Magnate has already fixed the mouse issue.

Would that mean that Angband would actually work "out of the box" in Visual Studio/VC++??

I am so used to taking flak for having things not work for MSVC that I am actually getting really excited about this


-- Erik
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