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Originally Posted by ChodTheWacko View Post
Just for clarification before I go downloading all that:
You can run the angband with -mstats option to get the object dumps, right?

Although, Looking through the code, it looks it does direct inserts into sqlite?
If so I might have to just hack it to dump it direct to a CSV file.

- Frank
Hi Frank,

You have to configure the code to build the stats module - I don't know how you do that on platforms that don't use configure, but it's to do with #defining ENABLE_STATS in the right header files.

Also, apparently Windows doesn't support any of the -m options, so I'm not sure you could invoke the stats module even if you built it.

Finally, yes it does dump an sqlite db, so you would need to hack it to output CSV. Pls be warned that there's a LOT of data - about 1.2GB if it's uncompressed.
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