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DF has a myth about it to be incredible difficult. That's not entirely true.
Some of the myth relates back to the early years when there was no wiki and also the game was harder than it is today. To survive the first year must have been more of a challenge then.

Nowadays we have the awesome wiki and countless starting guides all over the internet.

That the equally awesome game still is such a challenge for one thing is based on its ludicrous complexity and for another thing on the sometimes obscure interface.
The insane amount of detail does one last thing.

You don't have to use or even know about all possible ways to acquire food and drinks for your dwarves to start a fortress and take the starting dwaves through the first winter. A heap of Plump helmets and a couple of seeds will do if you know the basics of farming and brewing.
It's part of the fun for me to discover all off the possibilities (all of the different crops you can harvest and plant, all the animals you can butcher, all of the meals you can cook and drinks you can brew ... oh, and all the fish ... )

In one of my early fortresses I caused a cave-in and one of my dwarfs broke an arm. I had no idea what to do and consulted the wiki. So I started to build a hospital, which required lots of things I didn't have or even knew of, like thread, cloth, crutches, splints, plaster, a well, and soap. How on earth could I get soap? Again the wiki helped out and I had to get tallow, ash, empty barrels and buckets, a soap maker's workshop, an ashery ... And I had to enable all the correspondent labors without dwarf therapist, which I didn't use at the time.
That was quite overwhelming for me, but I got it all done. As a result, my wounded dwarf finally had it's wound washed with fine soap, had a wound stiched and got a good plaster dressing and a splint.

I never stop to wonder when I look to all of the detailed infomation screens dwarf fortress has to offer, such as the medical information screens which I discovered quite late ^^:

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