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I occasionally make tweaks to eliminate irritations. For example, when I played ToME 2 I removed the ability to breed from early monsters -- in that game, almost all characters have lousy stealth especially early on because Stealth is a skill you can learn; combine that with the ability of insect breeders to fly over the trees that form the walls of the first dungeon and early levels routinely became unplayable.

In Vanilla I usually make the Trap Location rod immune to electricity when I'm playing a warrior. Back in the 3.0x days (pre-TMJ) these rods were a lot more common, such that you could expect to have one by 1000' at the very latest; these days you're lucky to have one by then and losing it to an electricity attack is extremely aggravating. It's telling that almost all of the rods that a non-warrior would care about are all electricity-proof.
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