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Yo chris. I think launcher stats need redoing, they seem really biased against crossbows. Compare these two weapons:

w) The Short Bow 'Aflatoxin' (x2.50) (+8,+20) (+3) {PoDi;Xs Robin Hood}
x) The Heavy Crossbow 'Black Star' (x4.70) (+19,+18) (+4) {Sp;Sh;Xs}

First one is a short bow with 68k score, second one is a heavy crossbow with 130k (!) score. With plain ammo the short bow does 3.42 shots per round for 427 damage, the crossbow does 1.50 shots for 267 damage. That aint right.

Edit: apparently this is partly due to Rangers getting extra shots with bows and not xbows, but still.

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