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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Eddie--if you're a high elf mage using something like Thunderfist(CON, STR) or Deathwreaker (STR), I can see adding a ring of slaying as an option. An extra 40 melee makes a big difference against high-AC targets.
If you are using it to save mana, you might want to wear a ring of int. Or con or speed, as death reduces your mana precipitously . In particular, a ring of str+5 generally gives you +5 to hit and +5 dam in addition to possibly another half blow or more. It's really hard for a ring of slaying to match that, and if they are even close sustain str is nothing to sneeze at. I've played a lot of everything, including mages, and I really cannot remember a mage giving slaying or damage serious consideration, ever, except maybe early on before I found a decent stat ring.

Mind you, my memories and experience are mostly for 3.0 with my version of blows code, but I've played some 3.1+, and I think the principles should apply pretty well to 4.0.
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