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OK, such a short thread, so much to think about.

Yes, it does look like we're heading in the direction of splitting up the speed stat. No, that wasn't explicitly the intent, or even consciously. Both fastcasting and movement speed came about as local features - fastcasting to give mages a buff to their casting, and movement speed originally to support druids' eagle form. So thanks for putting that together, I'm not sure how long it would have taken me to realise.

Yes, MOVES[1] halves movement energy; more generally MOVES[n] divides movement energy by n+1.

It's worth noting I think that "attack speed" is different from the others - extra blows is a better name for it, because it doesn't reduce energy use per turn, it adds blows.

So the obvious questions are:
  1. Do we keep splitting the speed stat, and presumably reduce the number of items with + to overall speed?
  2. Should attack speed be changed to be like the others?
  3. If yes to 1, what other individual action speeds would we add and what classes or objects should they be given to?

This really opens up the game's design space, or a can of worms, or both.
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