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Originally Posted by Kruzifixxion View Post
yesterday it was working fine for me but today it keeps saying infeasible no matter what even if im just trying to do 1 pip of acid for my constraints
I just had a look at the html dump file. The reason it says infeasible is two-fold:

1. There is a slot constraint of light == 1 but the parser was somehow ignoring the non-randart Feanorian lamp that the character is carrying and there are no other light items in your inventory or Home inventory.

2. The attribute constraint of Ac == 1 is the only attribute constraint that was set. For some reason that I don't currently understand, the solver requires that at least one of the attribute constraint to be '>=' or '<='. If all the attribute constraints are '==' in nature, the solver will fail. I am catching the failure now and added a message as follows:
Status: infeasible - please specify at least one Attribute Constraint as ">=" or "<=".
If all the Attribute Constraints are "==", the solver will fail to find a solution.
Just pushed the fix. Thanks for reporting the bug!
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