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Yes, I'm using Dolphin Hal version eleven, ----- I'm actually surprised another company managed to use the Hal name, sinse Hal's been around and constantly maintained for about 20 years I think, ---- I've certainly used it for 15 years sinse I was 12, ---- and that was Hal version 3.

there is indeed a 30 day free demo version, which you can get from

It is just pure Hal that I have, ---- neither the self-installing pen drive version which you an run around and use on multiple computers, nor Supernova, which includes both the Hal speech program and the Luna magnification system,

nor am I using one of the mobile versions of Hal which have recently been released for pda's and such, ---- just streight up desktop Hal, ---- if i want portability I have a very functional laptop.
Bare in mind though, that I only have the Hal program itself, ---- I do not have the Supernova program, ----- which also includes the Luna magnification system besides Hal, ---- though sometimes I regreat that now.

Unfortunately though, I first used Hal on a laptop which had far too small a screen for me to considder doing anything graphical with it, ---- and buying the magnification components now would be considderably expensive, ----- especially sinse I don't need them to write my doctorate.
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