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I'm considering making a new Sil branch

Hi all,

I'm considering at some point sitting down and trying to make a new branch from Sil 1.3.0. I've a number of ideas I'd like to try out to tweak the current balance of the game. For the most part I'm sticking to things which won't lead me into too much complex implementation.

So, overhauls I'm considering so far are:


- Replace Throwing Mastery with Blind Fighting, prerequisite of 3 Melee
-- Removes penalties for attacking enemies you can't see; however defence against them is not improved

- Replace Follow-Through with Feint, prerequisite of Finesse, 6 Melee
-- After a miss, the next strike is made as if you had +3 Dexterity

- Replace Momentum with Impale, prerequisite of Power or Polearm Mastery, 9 Melee
-- Polearms and greatswords also attack any enemy directly behind the enemy you are attacking

- Replace Knock Back with Smashing Blow, prerequisite of Power or Charge, 12 Melee
-- Reduce defender's armour roll by the weight of the attacking weapon

- Make Feint the prerequisite to Subtlety instead of Finesse

- Remove the restriction on using Whirlwind Attack when next to a wall or rubble

- Change Two Weapon Fighting and Rapid Attack to have only a -3 strength penalty, no dexterity penalty

- Remove prerequisites on Strength

The goal with all of this is to break away from Subtlety / Momentum and give some incentives to use heavier weapons again.


- Remove throwing axes, sceptres, broken swords
- Make quarterstaffs 2d4, and introduce a Quarterstaff of Vaulting (grants Leap)
- Make war hammers 4d2 by default
- Add Stealth to the Dagger of Murder
- Give daggers a higher chance of having an enchantment
- Remove Hador's House weapons
- Add Swords of Nimble Blade which grant Feint
- Add War Hammers of Crushing that are 4d3 and grant Smashing Blow
- Add Spears and Great Spears of Piercing that are 1d10 or 1d14 and grant Impale


- Remove Careful Shot
- Add Arrows of OromŽ, prerequisite of 9 Archery
-- Your light radius adds to the accuracy of your arrows

- Point Blank Archery will need no prerequisite

- Crippling Shot should have some kind of boost

Careful Shot isn't useful, especially if you pick Flaming Arrows. Arrows of OromŽ + Song of Trees might make for an interesting Archery build.


- Extend Leaping to allow leaping over traps

This tree seems generally in good shape. I feel like the non-ranged part of Blocking is probably not very relevant though?


- This generally needs some love - perhaps alertness checks need relaxed?

- Remove prerequisite for Opportunist

- Cruel Blow also could do with some kind of boost

I'd gladly have some advice from stealth players here on how things could be improved.


- Remove Lore-Keeper, replace it with Alchemy, prerequisite of 4 Perception
-- This provides auto-identification of all herbs and potions

- Remove Lore-Master, replace it with Find Weakness, prerequisite of Concentration, 7 Perception
-- for each consecutive round attacking the same opponent, ignore 10% of their armour

- Remove Focused Attack, replace it with Second Sight, prerequisite of 10 Perception
-- If Perception is greater than Evasion, gain a bonus to Evasion equal to the difference between them

- Move Grace to have a prerequisite of 12 Perception

Focused Attack encourages a fairly dull playing style. I might need though to revisit Polearm Mastery in its absence.
My hope is that Find Weakness complements Concentration better against boss enemies, and that Second Sight opens up new build possibilities.
I think splitting identification from Lore-Master will make things a bit more interesting.


- Improve Channeling to also auto-identify staves and horns

- Make Mind Over Body a prerequisite for the much-loved Hardiness

- Improve Clarity to also incorporate resistance against fear

- Improve Strength in Adversity to add to Str and Dex, +1 at 75% health, +2 at 50% health, +3 at 25% health

The goal here is to strengthen some of the weaker skills, and make Hardiness less of an autopick.


- Remove the now mostly obsolete curses from artifact manufacture

- Remove Artistry, and allow numbers to be manipulated by default with Weaponsmith and Armorsmith

- Improve Enchantment to grant autoidentification of enchanted wearables and artifacts

Smithing needs a bit more love also. Artistry gets to be obsolete later on, so I think folding it into Weaponsmith and Armorsmith makes sense.
The tree could really do with a couple more skills - I haven't thought of anything to replace Artistry, and Masterpiece isn't very useful either right now.


- Remove Song of Freedom, replace it with Song of Wisdom, prerequisite 7 Song
-- Each turn there is a chance proportional to Song of identifying an unknown item
-- While singing the song, the singer has full knowledge of all opponents

- Move Song of Staying from 7 Song to 4 Song, no prerequisite needed

- Change Song of Aule to boost by Song / 3

- Boost Song of Silence, Lorien, Mastery

- Move Song of Slaying from 2 Song to 9 Song (maybe have Staying or Este as prerequisite?)

- Move Song of Este from 9 Song to 2 Song, no prerequisite needed
-- Improve it so that all stats are sustained while singing

- Replace Song of Sharpness with Song of Might, prerequisite 10 Song
-- Give a +1 bonus to Str and Con for each 8 points of Song
-- Might need to look at the difficulty of removing Sils from the crown without Sharpness


New item:
Lyre - off-hand, adds to Song (probably +2-4)
-- Can be enchanted with Song of Elbereth, Song of Este, Woven Themes

Skeletons should be searchable like chests, but have just 1 wearable item.
Filthy rags should go. So should damage rings, though possibly they could still be smithable.

I've relied a little bit on the old post on most-used skills in Sil 1.3, and I believe most of the skills I'm removing are currently seldom used.

This is a pretty hefty brain-dump, and I worry this would take a little while to properly implement so I probably won't get round to it that soon. I'd be glad to have some input from experienced players, either speaking up for things I'm removing or giving thoughts on proposed changes.

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