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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
The cost is not exactly ideal for someone who wants to run Sharpness/Slaying for Morgoth, because you will likely also want Trees, and I think Freedom has Elbereth as a prereq, and suddenly you're running 7 or so abilities in the Song tree. I suspect those are the main reasons it doesn't see too much use.
The biggest problem here is probably the perceived need to run Sharpness/Slaying. This makes it very difficult to use many utility songs (particularly utility songs with prerequisites), and hence distorts the usability of the entire tree.

I am wondering a little bit how easy a melee victory in the throne room is without those two songs. It feels awkward to have a couple of abilities in one of the trees effectively reserved as the standard choices for the final level, and trying to do it without them effectively being a challenge run.
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