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Originally Posted by Atanvarno View Post
Here are my impressions based on a few runs with the competition character (only one of which got far). Of course the sample size is small, the character is bad, and I played very fast.

- I think I like the feel of this version. Item quality is closer to the old days. Are decent egos now too rare? I would need to play more to answer.
Getting item drops closer to the old days was a goal.

- I don't like radius-1 lights.
I don't like them either. They're ok provided you aren't playing human or dunadan because of infravision. But they make those characters very tough early. Perhaps if "infra were sold in the magic shop, everything would be fine.

It's also possible that we will reverse this decision at some point.

- As a general comment about the early game, I think that the character is a bit too vulnerable before getting staff of teleportation, but maybe I should just change my playing style (this is not just about this character, or just about this version).
That's generally true. Removing needs of teleportation would require some fundamental changes (see the variant Sil for example).

- Stat potions seemed to be too rare. Fuzzy item detection might be one reason for that.
They are rarer, and fuzzy detection certainly doesn't help. There's certainly some improvements that can be done to stat gain. If you can survive to the bottom they start dropping more often.

- I never saw scrolls of teleport level or deep descent (except possibly in the black market when I couldn't yet afford them). Also scrolls of teleportation were too rare.
I tend to come across them in the dungeon. ?TL are the ultimate escape so they should be fairly rare. ?DD is a mixed-blessing item since it now drops you 5 levels after a delay. I'd be ok with selling ?teleport in town. It's something to consider for the future.

- Some other consumables, like healing potions and wands of teleport other, were dropping at a reasonable rate.
Healing potions are indeed more common. You likely got lucky with teleport other though!

- I never saw a single armour or shield of resistance (but I saw several armours of elvenkind in the deeper levels).
Chalk that up to RNG funkiness. AFAIK there were no changes to these allocations beyond the general ego lowering.

Thanks for the feedback!
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