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LambdaHack: my party-based roguelike (engine) in Haskell

Announcing LambdaHack, my party-based roguelike (engine) in Haskell. Released with Linux and Windows binaries and source code. Contributions welcome!

Version v0.4.101.0, aka 'Officially fun' is out!
- the game is now officially fun to play
- introduce unique boss monsters and unique artifact items
- add animals that heal the player
- let AI gang up, attempt stealth and react to player aggressiveness
- spawn actors fast and close to the enemy
- spawn actors less and less often on a given level, but with growing depth
- prefer weapons with effects, if recharged
- make the bracing melee bonus additive, not multiplicative
- let explosions buffet actors around
- make braced actors immune to translocation effects
- use mouse for movement, actor selection, aiming
- don't run straight with selected actors, but go-to cross-hair with them
- speed up default frame rate, slow down projectiles visually
- rework item manipulation UI
- you can pick up many items at once and it costs only one turn
- allow actors to apply and project from the shared stash
- reverse messages shown in player diary
- display actor organs and stats
- split highscore tables wrt game modes
- move score calculation formula to content
- don't keep the default/example config file commented out; was misleading
- I was naughty again and changed v0.5.0.0 of LambdaHack content API slightly one last time

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