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Disappointing vault to say the least; I did find a staff of detect evil, though.

DL29: ?Acquirement procured an amulet of rSound, rNether, +3 CON, +5 WIS, +1 Light, pBlind, FF on a 5-3 level.

DL30: killed Beorn and Ulfang the Black, but neither improved my situation; and brought me down to only one !speed. The 6-6 level also didn’t provide much; but a !Dexterity and a wand of annihilation, 2 charges.

DL34: Oh look, let me grab those potions before the hounds destroy them. “The potions of speed are destroyed!” Great. A shade drops me a maul (20lb. of Telepathy) which I keep as a swap.

DL35: A Tulwar of Lightning Immunity (+14, +19) 2d4 and a demon slay, which I keep though the uncumberance is probably not worth it.

DL37: I find Law dragon mail and leave it behind because I don’t have a shield of resistance and don’t want to lug around heavy armor for a million levels waiting for another source of resistance (I’ve been lugging around an artifact amulet but can’t seem to find gloves or boots of FrAct). Very next level I find a shield of resistance.

DL38: A mage destroys two ?Teleportations. I only have one left. Being frightened has been a much bigger problem this game than others since I only have 10 ?phase doors. Only 11,395 exp until I gain fear immunity. I find a ring of FrAct and finally ditch the amulet of Inertia. Find a ring of DEX <+5>. AC is now 101, HP 489 damage to most things still only 115.

I drop the Tulwar of Lightning Immunity because I’m tired of being slow. I eat a firm mushroom of hallucination and start whacking away at a mature multihued dragon (aren’t I not supposed to know what I’m attacking when I’m hallucinating?)

Ready to leave the level, I read an unknown scroll of teleport level.

A Nightmare won’t leave me alone, so I spend over 38,000exp and a bunch of !CSW killing it. It takes me to 46hp; and, as is often the case, gets much more aggressive/successful once it gets me below 120hp.

A restore life levels potion brings me 77 exp from CL30 (up from CL28). Sometimes things work out as hoped.

DL40: Holding onto 38 good bolts (venom/undead) has paid off. DL40, lying on the ground 5-5 level is a fine haradrim, (X4) (+7, +15) <+1> Shooting speed. TYVM. I lost my last ?Teleportation, though.

DL41: I _Teleport away from a sleeping AMHD and land next to a permanent vault. 6-8 feeling.

Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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