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Questions / feedback from a new FrogComposband player

I originally posted this in the 7.1 Salmiak update thread, which probably wasn't the best place for it, so I apologize.

New (a hundred hours, which is nothing) FrogComposband player here. I have some comments (from a newb perspective) and questions I wasn't able to find answers to anywhere else. I hope you can help me out!

1) I'm currently playing a Beastmaster and am a little disappointed by the lack of early game 'uniqueness' in their play apart from the level 1 class ability, which is of course very good. But apart from that, there's only a tiny selection of available Trump spells (due to the spells having far higher level requirements than for other Trump casters) on some level-ups. Ok, I'm only level 21 so far, but even Dragon warlocks (which also get their class abilities quite late) had 3-4 class abilities at this point. Sure, I can have lots of pets, but apart from riding one and letting them loose on enemies I can't do anything with them. Haste / heal monsters And the one other thing I can do with Trump magic (phase door and teleport) is at odds with having pets because it leaves them behind. This is the only class I've played so far where the early game bores me and I usually love pet classes in games... hell, I currently have 7 study spell points I don't even know what to do with.

tldr; when do Beastmasters get the rest of their class abilities? And would you (the developer) maybe consider lowering the level requirements for some of their Trump spells? I looked at the second Trump book an put it right back into my home because it only has ONE quite situational spell I can even learn before level 29. That's harsh, man! It's the SECOND book! Especially considering the lack of low level class abilities... it would be so nice to at least be able to call pets back to me after teleporting, examine their stats or haste / heal them without a wand.

And before you say 'players breeze through their first 25 levels as quickly as possible anyway' this is not necessarily true for new players. Please make the early game interesting for Beastmasters.

2) The context sensitive ingame help is fantastic, definitely the best I've seen for any game ever. Big thumbs up for that. That said, is there a way to look up class abilities (not spells from books) and their levels for any class? I found a list for the spells from each book (whose levels will of course be different for some classes) but not class abilities.

3) Is there any way (by editing files) to enable Hex magic and Necromancy for Skillmasters? Yes, I'm sure the results could be quite imbalanced, but there are already other ways such as the munchkin personality to create an OP character. I don't play to win (TOME 4 is the only roguelike I actually won once) or to be OP, it would simply be fun.

So, if it was possible and anyone was willing to explain a not very tech savvy newb how to do it, you would be an awesome person with sugar on top.

All that said, thanks for putting this together, I'm loving it - especially dragon warlocks. <3
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