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Originally Posted by Saeldanya View Post
New (a hundred hours, which is nothing) FrogComposband player here. I have some comments (from a newb perspective) and questions I wasn't able to find answers to anywhere else. I hope you can help me out!

1) I'm currently playing a Beastmaster and am a little disappointed by the lack of early game 'uniqueness' in their play apart from the level 1 class ability, which is of course very good. But apart from that, there's only a tiny selection of available Trump spells (due to the spells having far higher level requirements than for other Trump casters) on some level-ups.
Welcome to oook and FrogComposband!

The things that set Beastmasters apart from other classes are their exceptional riding ability, exceptional capture ball use, good charming and summoning, and low pet upkeep; in other words, all their uniqueness revolves around pets. (They're also all things that help and apply in the early game, though riding proficiency can take a long time to develop fully; the Trump spells are admittedly late and expensive, but they just support beastmasters' main shtick, pet use.) Beastmasters are OK at things unrelated to pets - their melee, archery and device use are all quite decent, and they can consequently cope pretty well on their own if necessary - but there's nothing unique or special there; indeed, even compared to the other riding class (Cavalry), Beastmasters rely less on melee and more on pets.

So if you find pet use in Frog boring, you will probably find Beastmasters boring. Pet classes are not to everybody's taste - hitting everybody on the head with a big weapon is very straightforward (and frequently satisfying!), while pet management can require a lot of fiddling. But if you like the pet and riding aspects of dragon warlocks, maybe you will grow to like Beastmasters too; you can still find enjoyment in taming dragons, riding them and evolving them into wyrms; in watching your grown-up mount casually incinerate gods and street urchins for you; in unleashing an army of loyal pets on a poor, helpless Serpent of Chaos; even in coming up with a funny or thematic name for that big bloody-red H you just charmed. Think of beastmasters as dragon warlocks with Trump spells instead of eldritch blasts and dragon songs

Is there a way to look up class abilities (not spells from books) and their levels for any class? I found a list for the spells from each book (whose levels will of course be different for some classes) but not class abilities.
There is no one big file (even a spoiler file) that lists them all; but if you have both show_future_spells and show_future_powers on, that allows you to see what class powers and non-book spells your current @ will get in the future. (It might not show everything if your class gets random spells, or if you belong to a monster race with some spells locked behind specific evolutions.)

3) Is there any way (by editing files) to enable Hex magic and Necromancy for Skillmasters? Yes, I'm sure the results could be quite imbalanced, but there are already other ways such as the munchkin personality to create an OP character. I don't play to win (TOME 4 is the only roguelike I actually won once) or to be OP, it would simply be fun.
There is no way to enable those just through edit files, I would have to allow for it in the code. I don't think they'd necessarily be imbalanced (or at least that they'd be more imbalanced than other Skillmaster stuff is); it's possible though that there might be technical obstacles, especially with Hex which is a rather unusual realm. The only other remotely similar realm is Music, the Bard speciality, which is also not currently available to skillmasters.
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