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Oh, hey, hello Thanks for the swift response.

How do I turn show_future_spells and show_future_powers on? I haven't seen those options anywhere... they would be very helpful as I enjoy having visible goals such as an awesome new spell at level X to work towards.

If I may ask another question, I often get a message that a living creature I'm trying to dominate with the level 1 Beastmaster skill is 'immune', even if I've tamed that same creature before. Why does this happen? For instance, I tamed a hippogryph in the Warrens, but after it died and I tried the same thing with a different one in the Hideout, I got that message.

I had completely forgotten about capture balls! Will have to look into those. I remember seeing them in the shop and being amazed such a thing (and pet breeding!) is possible in the variant. I assume the capture balls would solve the issue of having to leave pets behind when traveling on the world map, as well.

I think my main beef with the Beastmaster pets is that they're so... disposable and the only thing I can do to support and direct them are the general pet commands which are available to all classes. It seems odd that Beastmasters don't even get a class power to examine the stats and level progress of their pets - dragon warlocks get one, after all, and they're less of a pet class.

I enjoy dragon warlocks because their pet support isn't purely passive, they get unique class powers directly related to their dragon mount. The songs, for instance. Or the jump riding ability. If Beastmasters are more of a riding class than dragon warlocks, why no riding techniques for them? Why can't they even sense monsters or animals? And why do those Trump spells have to be so insanely high level for Beastmasters? I just don't understand.

I might have to try necromancers next, they also appear to be a pet class (sort of) and seem to get a good amount of active spells and skills even at lower levels.

I understand what you're saying about skillmasters, makes sense. Still, if you could allow those currently excluded magic branches at some point in the future, I think it would make a lot of FrogComposband players very happy. Not just me. Veterans enjoy tinkering with unusual combos even more than us newbs do

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