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Development version of PWMAngband 1.5.0 released for testing

Here's the list of changes that have been implemented up to now:

- Change rules for stealth/noise checks
- Do not speed up time with monsters in LoS
- Handle topline ickyness when confirming suicide
- Improve comments for do_cmd_store
- Collapse "mangclient_xxx.ini" into "mangclient.ini" (sdl + gcu)
- Fix crash when quitting GCU client in debug mode
- Open correct directory when selecting fonts
- Add "instance_closed" option
- Add possibility to macro by item names
- Fix some really obvious warnings
- Dungeon Master menu: allow generating true artifact directly by name
- Add version number to "incompatible client version" error message
- Add client option to disable running when in line of sight of a nonmovable monster
- Stop allocating too much font resources
- Make Dungeon Master trap immune
- Give a warning when entering a gauntlet level
- Change default FPS from 1 to 50
- Fix lag bar under Linux
- Add "monster feeling always, no object feeling" choice to LEVEL_FEELINGS server option
- USE_NCURSES define
- Prevent level 0 monster races from being used as shapechanger forms
- Allow BASH_DOOR forms to open/close house doors and bash down other doors
- Only allow rings of polymorphing to be generated in the dungeon
- Make rings of polymorphing more powerful but much rarer
- Sort killed list (for polymorphing) from highest to lowest level
- Decrease the kill requirement with perfect affinity from 1/2 to 1/4
- Give +1 moves every 10 speed instead of +5 speed to shapechangers under level 20
- Halve the energy gained from extra moves
- Allow inscribed throwing weapons to be quivered
- Adjust size of gauntlet levels
- Stop SMASH_WALL removing floor features
- Display forms that are 50%/75% learnt in orange/yellow on the killed list
- Allow filling empty bottles from water tiles
- Make sure player-player visibility is refreshed when changing level
- Make hostile visible players prevent running
- Compiling with Embarcadero C++ 7.20

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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