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New 1.5.0 dev version is out with the following changes:

- Allow players to drop vegetables on FEAT_CROP terrain to restrict it to that vegetable only
- Allow players to burn crops to turn them back to random FEAT_CROP terrain again
- Refactor crop growth functions to allow spontaneous growth on allocated wilderness levels
- Fix enchant scrolls description
- Write artifact ownership to server savefile
- Add dungeon max level info to the visited dungeon list
- Remove redundant "Attempting to uncurse it may destroy it." message when inspecting a "fragile" object
- Pluralize message when trying to aim an empty stack of wands/use an empty stack of staves
- Rename "obj_aware" into "kind_aware" and "obj_tried" into "kind_tried"
- Add possible direction choice for scrolls and staves
- Allow all alter/teleport effects to be used on items
- Fix some minor warnings
- Reduce chance of getting ESP_XXX when adding SLAY_XXX on a randart (chance was removed completely in MAngband)
- Remove disturb_faint option
- Fix starvation auto-kick
- Nerf Black Rings of Power
- Hitpoint warning toggle hotkey
- Rename "moves" to "movement speed" and make the modifier act like speed for movement
- Change no teleportation on gauntlet levels to limited teleportation (10 squares)
- Increase +mana modifier on mage staves, cap mana bonus at +10
- Move Plasma Blast to book 4 and Disruption Shield to book 5
- Fix directory when selecting fonts
- New dungeon: Fallen Gondolin (boss: Maeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin)
- Nerf to all powerful modifiers
- Make SMASH_WALL destroy decoys
- Tighten the tests for throwing weapons in quiver_absorb_num()

IMPORTANT NOTE: savefile version has changed and is not compatible with previous version, a clean server must be used.

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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