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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Looking pretty good. You should continue to descend to the extent you are comfortable; picking up stat-gain and improvements along the way. Once you are about DL60, you might as well dive fast for DL98, since the comparative danger levels aren't all that much higher as long as you are careful.

A few minor notes:

Don't know what you mean about having maxed Str, Dex, Con. 18/100 natural is max. You have sufficient to keep moving down, though.

You can ditch the ?Word of Recall, you don't need them. The rod is lightning proof and Dex is high enough that it won't be stolen.

You have blindness and confusion protection now. So, no longer need to carry mushrooms of clear mind. You should also start getting more scrolls of Teleportation, so you can soon ditch the staff. You'll have zero-fail with the scrolls.
Thanks for the tips, I'll take it on.

It's an interesting tip regarding DEX and the rod of recall, I didn't know high DEX stops things being stolen, I thought that was a saving throw roll. How high does DEX need to be to provide protection from stealing?

?Teleport - I didn't join the dots on pconf and pblind making scrolls reliable. I guess hallucinating is still an issue? And what about stunning, I don't recall ever trying to read a scroll while stunned, is it possible?

(As a side note, I still find after playing all these years there's a lot I don't know about the game's mechanics. I'm always picking up handy hints from these forums but is there a good up to date faq anywhere, or any other good sources for this kind of information?)

Regarding me aiming for those max stats I am referring to natural, I feel like I'm supposed to max those once stat gain is available and I imagine the stat gain potions are less frequent lower down because of all the extra items which can generate, plus I really like to have the extra HP before I start running into U and D all over the place. (Although now that I think about it I suspect this is another false sense of security thing!)
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