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Originally Posted by Namdeht View Post
Thanks for the tips, I'll take it on.

It's an interesting tip regarding DEX and the rod of recall, I didn't know high DEX stops things being stolen, I thought that was a saving throw roll. How high does DEX need to be to provide protection from stealing?
18/150, a.k.a. 33 on the linear scale.

?Teleport - I didn't join the dots on pconf and pblind making scrolls reliable. I guess hallucinating is still an issue? And what about stunning, I don't recall ever trying to read a scroll while stunned, is it possible?
Reading scrolls is always binary: either you can, or you can't. Blindness, confusion, and lack of light are IIRC the only things that prevent reading. Drinking potions always works regardless of status (well, unless you're paralyzed or knocked out, I guess).

Regarding me aiming for those max stats I am referring to natural, I feel like I'm supposed to max those once stat gain is available and I imagine the stat gain potions are less frequent lower down because of all the extra items which can generate, plus I really like to have the extra HP before I start running into U and D all over the place. (Although now that I think about it I suspect this is another false sense of security thing!)
More stats is of course always better, but you don't need to max them before you continue. Stat potions will show up in greater numbers deeper in the dungeon, if for no other reason than that more items of all types show up deeper in the dungeon.
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