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[Announce] Poschengband 2.0.0 Released

Let's call it a beta release! It is available here in the hopes that I can get some playtesting help.

This release finally puts the Pos in PosChengband. That's right, we finally have a Possessor! How does it work?

First, the possessor is a monster race and is available under the Monsters menu during racial selection. When you choose this option, you don't get to select a class (just like with all the other monsters).

Next, you begin life as a "soul" which is really nothing but a pathetic ghost in search of a body. You can't wield anything other than a light source, and you have no physical attacks. But don't fear, you have a nice wand of magic missile to play with, fully charged.

So your first order of business will be to procure a corpse. Most human type monsters drop them and are good starting choices. You might mosey on out to the wilderness surround Outpost for example and snag a Novice something or other. Corpses are not guaranteed to drop, but they are quite a bit more likely to show up when you are in your native ghostly form. So don't get greedy using up all your missiles on something too big as you might not get a corpse!

Once you have one, use the racial power of Possession to inhabit the body. At that point, you won't be so weak and can probably wear some gear as well.

At any rate, that's how to start. I haven't done a whole lot of playtesting yet. Also, I moved the body type information to an external file (b_info.txt) which required me to change all of the existing monster races. Hopefully, I didn't break anything obvious.

Oh, one final note: Uniques no longer drop 100% of the time. And I guess I should also mention that corpses now have realistic weights, at least when you are playing a possessor.
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