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Thanks ... It is cheating a bit to take a beta and call it a 2.0 "release"

Some more on Possessor mechanics:
When you possess something, you gain stats and skills based on that form. Obviously, you get resistances and abilities too, but you don't always get the monster's armor class (e.g. a novice warrior is wearing armor and does not have intrinsic tough skin!).

If you gain spells, then your spell stat will vary depending on the form (e.g. priests use wisdom, mages use intelligence, etc).

If you gain intrinsic powers, then these are usually breath weapons and generally run off constitution. There are some exceptions, like throwing boulders which runs off Strength. Remember, intrinsic racial powers ('U' command) can be used when berserk or in the presence of anti-magic. Their costs can be paid for with hp if your sp run out, etc.

Possessor's still need to gain levels just like everybody else. Racial powers and spells generally have minimum casting levels and fail rates too.

Your current form limits how much experience you may gain. Everybody can get to CL15, but generally the rule is you may advance to the monsters level + 5. So, you really can't stay as a baby white dragon forever as you just will stop gaining levels pretty soon. And you won't ever "evolve" the way monster races do. No, you need to find another corpse!

You can *identify* a corpse and it will tell you some info. You can probe a monster and learn more!

Edit: Innate attacks can be blocked by equipment. So, if your form has a "Hit" attack or a "Touch" attack, then you need at least one empty hand to use it. Innate attacks are generally what is specified in r_info ... They don't progress the way they do for other player monster races.
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