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Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
There are many examples of this in Angband, Mim's children for example, may be misguided, but not "evil" like their dad.
I always felt sorry for Mim and dont understand how anyone can consider him "evil." He and his sons are all alone, the last of his people (a people incidentally who were genocided by elves). He is out looking for food when he gets captured by bandits, his son is murdered and he is forced to shelter the murderers of his son. Sure he betrays Turin and his band to the orcs, but *they murdered his son and stole his home.* Also, its not clear that he betrayed Turin willingly.

At worst the guy was angry and vengeful. He's certainly far less repugnant than Feanor.

Now credit to Tolkien, neither the Silmarillion nor Children of Hurin really try to excuse Turins behavior during the whole sorry episode.
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