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Originally Posted by Thraalbeast View Post
Wow, this is nice. REALLY nice! Somewhat difficult to play with 20+ years of rogue-like keyset in my palms though, but if an old dog can be trained maybe I can too.
The current keyset definitely isn't an optimum setup at present. When I play I am having trouble entering the correct commands too.

The main thing I want, though to have one keyset for all directional commands, making use of the modifier keys (shift, ctr, alt) to specify the commands. I am just trying to get out of having to separately enter a command and then a direction, as well as having a second roguelike keyset.

When I step back and look at it objectively, the improvements I like are: 1) the 'i' command, where I can handle all of my inventory management in one dialog, 2)being able to rest by simply pressing 'r'. 3) Tunneling with the windows key-{direction}

My end goals are to make it convenient to play with either the keyboard or the mouse (with an eye to towards the upcoming touchscreen for tablets) but also to greatly reduce the learning curve for new players. Balancing those 3 will be interesting. Suggestions are welcome.
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