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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
I can resize the status bar, but I can't resize the messages area. Also, seems like a lot more could be done with use of colors and styles, maybe even font sizes in the message area.
Soon. Actually, those are all going to be separate undockable widgets, so the player can move them anywhere andresize them however they want.

And definitely more could be done with colors and sizes. We are only scratching the surface in what QT can do.

My plan is for Nick and the devteam to be impressed by the QT port, port Angband to QT, and then make all these improvements so I just have to copy their work.

Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
OK. I've been lured back in. If you don't hear from me in three days call the authorities.
I have made it so the current player name comes up by default. You should just have to hit enter at that point.

Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Changing fonts doesn't seem to work unless it only affects the main window. I'm playing with tiles and wanted larger status bar text.
I confirmed. Changing font size changes tile size. I agree some work could be done on the ratios.

Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Ctrl-m, trying to bring up a map, produced repeating popup, "Lookup_kind could not find object (0,8)". Was blind at the moment if that matters
We have not incorporated the map command yet. CTRL-m is now the browse spellbook command.

I do see that the new keymapping is getting a lot of negative feedback. I am resisting using the old keymap because I want to reduce the learning curve for new players, and the ultimate goal is to create a tablet interface using only icons and swipes. But if there is a consensus on where the direction keys should be located on the keyboard, I can work around that.

I am also considering creating a dialog that allows the player to customize the key for every command in the game, just to end the debate once and for all. Although first somebody might have to tell me why nobody complained to the maintainers of Sil when they changed the keyset.
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