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First part of wilderness rework done. Assume that every new dev release breaks savefile compatibility. Changes since last time:

- Remove text screen dumps
- Make wilderness square-shaped (with radius 32) instead of diamond-shaped
- Make wilderness bordered (by the Walls of the World) instead of circular
- Parse wilderness terrain information from new wild_feat.txt file
- Add new wilderness types (deep water, desert, glacier, high mountain)
- Add new wilderness terrain types (sand, sandwall, ice, ice wall)
- Switch around tiles for log and drawbridge (32x32, 48x64 and 64x64 tilesets)
- Redraw a few terrain tiles (8x16 tileset)
- Add missing tiles for loose dirt and crops (16x16 tileset)
- Fix crash when trying to generate creeping coins in the wilderness
- Display wilderness coordinates properly at the bottom right of the wilderness minimap, fixing a crash in the process if the size of the minimap was too big
- Fix swamp and town tiles (8x8 tileset)

Files updated: binaries and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:
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