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The Gauntlets limit your spell points, I would'nt equip them as a mage.
Later you might find some artifact gloves or gloves of agility that don't have this drawback.

Also the sword is pretty heavy (it could slow you down if you carry more things found in the dungeon). You would loose the two points of INT but without the gauntlets this might turn out at least in the same amount of spell points. Wear Dethanc instead.

Buy potions of CCW, scrolls of phase door, teleportation, teleport level. Buy a wand of teleport other, if available.

The ring of DEX is nice but you may swap it to a ring of free action if you don't find any other source for that.

Identify the Paurnimmen to find out what they grant. You might keep them as a swap as long as you don't have armor of elvenkind or such.

Dive a little bit deeper (carfully! ) and you might find that ring of fa.

Buy another one of each spell book at least. You are helpless if one gets burned up buy a fire breath attack.
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