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Originally Posted by Big McStrongmuscle View Post
Not sure if the intelligence boost actually helps anything.
The main effects of INT for a mage are:
1. More mana (spell points)
2. Lower chances of spell failure.

The amount of gain in these territories depends on current INT level and amount of the boost. To find out by experiment, find a safe place, then take off the INT boosting equipent and see how many spell points you lose and how the chances of spell failure have changed.

You can, of course, also consult the tables in the spoiler file magic.spo (see below for location of the spoiler files). Just as you can use the spoiler file artifact.spo to find all the abilities of un*identified* artifacts. But remember that you can't undo consulting a spoiler, so if you like the thrill of having to wait for *ID* to find the value of an artifact, steer clear of at least artifact.spo!!
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