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'=' opens the options menu
'k' opens keymaps
'd' creates a keymap

Pick the key you want to map, something unbound like 'j' or 'y' will work (you can see the list in the help menu on playing the game or playing.txt, any of the unused keys are good to start with.

Let's say you picked 'j'. The screen should look like:

> Create a keymap
> Key: j

Press <enter>.

Then you type in what you're mapping, in this case 'R&' followed by '$' to close the keymap. Save it, then you can use it. (If you want to use the same keymap in another session, you can save use 'Save keymaps to file'.)

You can also define macros on the option page, but i haven't seen yet what the use of those vs. keymaps is.
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