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Nion the stealthy warrior

Hello dungeon dwellers,

After having two promising characters dying in the same week, both poison-breathed to death, I decided to roll a Kobold in order overlook this particular resistance and discover new fun ways to die! It looks like I have now another good candidate rolling! See:

I guess I'm getting better at the game as I can now reach reliably dl20+ on the majority of my runs. I suppose it's because I stopped playing exclusively HT warriors in favor of mages and rogues, and it taught me a thing or two about threat assessment and generous use of consumables. In this particular game, I discovered the power of stealth, aka how to stroll the dungeon and pick your fights... I also discovered the awesomeness of detecting, breaking and looting vaults! The game really takes another dimension once the vaults are generated on the maps.

With this character, I had some difficulty between cl20 and cl25, mainly due to the lack of a good weapon, but once I found Til-i-arc things went way easier.
So, I'm now at cl34/dl42, still comfortable but with a few tense moments when encountering uniques (I chase and wake them for the juicy loot!) and ood monsters. I plan to keep on diving at the same pace until the difficulty ramps up too fast. Now, the main difficulty will be to keep on probing & examining each new monster I encounter instead of bumping into them brainlessly...

My encounter with Gorlim quickly went south, it seems my HP pool is a bit low comparing to his damage output, is this normal/intended or must I hunt for !Con actively?

Regarding equipment, I tend to prioritize & balance stealth and speed while having the maximum damage output, but I was wondering if I must go full speed instead? (eg. by swapping Boots of Radagast with the +3 Boots of Speed). I'm also considering swapping Nimloth for Til-i-arc, mainly for the increased damage, 10 points of AC and the fast digging ability, but that means losing one point of speed and three of stealth... I'm not sure it's worth it.

Also, I have way too many weapons /artifacts stored in my home, and I don't even know if they are good (except for Mormegil, that choice was an easy one). I know the damage of those weapons will increase with the number of blows (when gaining strength and dex), but I don't know if there's a cap to this number of blows or not. Could anyone have a look and tell me what to keep and what to trash?

Bonus question:
- I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of different monsters in this game, do you know them all by hearth after playing for so long?


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