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Gorlim is notably dangerous for his depth.

There's a method to cheat to get full monster knowledge, I forget the exact details, but I would not remotely begrudge anyone doing that. There's a lot of details, and while yeah you learn the important ones eventually after playing for awhile, that learning process can involve a lot of dying because "wait I didn't realize that was a possibility", which sucks IMO.

Radagast isn't doing a whole lot for you; the big one is the +3 stealth which makes you approximately half as likely to wake up enemies. The infravision is also nice but you have 100' without it, so I'd wear the speed boots.

Other notes:

* Save the Mushrooms of Vigor at home; you don't want them getting destroyed while you're in the dungeon.

* I'd consolidate the CSW/CCW into a single, but larger, stack, if possible. That is, carry like 15 CCW instead of 10 each of two different types.

* Save some of your TO wands at home to protect them from damage. I don't think I'd bring more than 3 with me in the dungeon.

* Carry Theoden with you in the dungeon. Use it when exploring for its ESP, swap to Nimloth when you need to kill things. ESP is one of the most important traits in the game, especially for warriors who otherwise have extremely limited options for monster detection.

On the whole your character looks pretty reasonable to me though. Good luck!
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