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Ah yes disenchantment, I forgot this important detail... I was already avoiding or sniping molds but as it was (I think) the first mobile monster I encountered with this ability I didn't pay enough attention. Next time, I'll skip Gorlim without hesitation.
Kavlax the Many-Headed was already dead by 2050'!

I still have several questions, the two first being related to this death, if you have the time:

- Do all monsters and uniques have night vision? The light/dark is only relevant for the player, right?
- Do the monsters have a max "range" from which they could see and snipe you once awake? If yes, I'll try to adapt my terminal size in order to at least match this range.
- Once a monster is woken up, If I teleport away, and stay out of his LOS for a long time, will it came back to sleep?
- Are the staff/wands/rods of slow/stun/hold/confuse/sleep monsters useful the entire game? I use them in the early game then tend to ignore them completely afterwards once my inventory is full.
- Do the scroll/wands/staff of darkness have any use at all, or is it just for the ID minigame? Or maybe usefull for the necro class (which I have never tried yet)?
- If I squetch, let's say "All good blunt weapons", will I keep seeing the branded/ego ones?

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