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This really shouldn't have happened.
1. If you are low on HP, don't use phase door unless you are certain not to come down in LOS. (Either you are in a vault or in a really short corridor.)
2. If you don't have ESP you should carry rods of light as a flashlight for long corridors. And *use them* when near a dangerous monster.
3. It sounds like your ?phase was actually successful. You should have been guzzling !CCW (or other healing) to get ready for Gorlim to come back.

Originally Posted by animal_waves View Post
Woops, I encountered Gorlim again: we were both almost dead but I kept pushing my luck and phased away (too late probably) in order to shoot him from afar, but he sniped me first, event without being in my LOS (because of a dark corridor).

Oh well, that was a fun ride!
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