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I like running around as a monster in Posband but I also like all the improvements that have been done to Angband in the last few years. I've taken it upon myself to try to create the best of both worlds, by porting/recreating Pos using the latest 3.2 RC. I've gotten some minor-medium features done, but I'm coming to the limits of my abilities as a programmer, and that's where you, the reader, come in. Help me! Specifically, help me figure out relatively straightforward ways of checking features off my to-do list.

So far I've got done (largely thanks to Nick's invaluable help):
*Several monster races are selectable, and they're automatically assigned the dummy class "monster" (the UI for this stinks though)
*Monsters gain AC and speed as they level, depending on what race they are
*When monsters reach a certain level (dependent on race) they "evolve" into a stronger race, e.g. when a 2 headed hydra reaches level 8 it grows a third head.
*Players display as the monster they are - instead of running around as an @ symbol you can be, for example, a dark brown M (and later an orange M!).
*Monsters start with a nifty item, race dependent, to make up for not having a class or something.

What I need to do before I consider this beta status:
*Monsters need to have variable numbers of EQ slots - Hydrae can't wield weapons but can wear multiple helmets and amulets, for example. I've already tried to do this once and aborted partway through it.
*Monsters need to be able to use monstrous powers, such as breathing elements.
*Monsters need to use the same set of melee attacks that their non-adventurer brethren use; e.g. a chaos drake should claw/claw/bite to confuse regardless of whether it's a "real" chaos drake or a player chaos drake. This is what I'm working on right now.

Long run goals:
*Players should be able to summon friendly monsters. Pretty hard to play as a Q without summoning..
*Questing needs to be added. This should be some straightforward cut and paste action.
*There should be "King" monsters, with lots of special rules that I don't really know (maybe someone who's been more successful at Pos could tell me about them)
*There should be special terrain and terrain modifying spells.. this is also probably just cutting and pasting.
*I guess I should try to implement possessors at some point, though it's going to be pretty hard with the way I'm doing things. I'll probably just make it a class, and give it a special ability that lets it change its race into a spirit then into the race of a corpse it's standing over.
*Monsters should have affinity for law or chaos and get in brawls over it.. the code needed for player monster melee and summoning should make this easy.
*There should be invisibility and monster blindness. I'm guessing this won't be too hard, but it's really far down the priority list anyway.

Right now I'm working on monster melee (the third TODO item above) and I'm handling it by making make_attack_normal (from monster/melee1.c) able to target an arbitrary map square instead of always targeting the player. I'll just have the player call it when he's unarmed and his race is a monster. It's a roundabout way of doing it, but I need monsters able to attack each other anyway for when I do summoning. Does this make sense?
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