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Originally Posted by pampl View Post
Now that I think about it you're almost certainly right about it being easier. The thing is, the Posband features I want V to have are very clear in my mind, but the V features I want Pos to have are a vague collection of a million little things. The way I'm doing it now is harder (possibly much harder) but also more straightforward.
I see your point, although I had planned to do it the other way around.

Whichever way you decide to go, I suggest you
  1. Look at the src/powers*.inc files - most of the monster power stuff is done there and
  2. Do a diff between Pos and the version of NPP it forked from (which I believe was originally 0.3.1, updated to 0.3.4, and had some bugfixes from 0.4.0) - this should give a good idea of what needs to be added.

I would also suggest posting your code publicly somewhere (github is currently the most popular, but wherever), so others can comment and potentially (if you want to let them!) contribute.
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