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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Well, you wouldn't always have 12 heads would you? Aren't hydras essentially killed by chopping off their heads one by one. The way I see it, over the course of a nasty battle, you may lose a few or even most of your heads and the amulets and helmets too, wouldn't they fall to the ground. Let's hope that none of your critical resists are lost in the process. You may want to wield 2x or 3x resists JIC. Could also lead to severe pack clutter upon a narrow survival. I'm guessing it takes a fairly long time to regenerate a head .

This variant sounds cooler with every passing moment.
I don't want to disappoint you but I don't think I'm going to implement decapitation soon, if only because it's still beyond my ability. If this were Dungeon Crawl I'd know how to handle hydrae losing heads and slots being rendered unusable but alas..

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I see your point, although I had planned to do it the other way around.

Whichever way you decide to go, I suggest you
  1. Look at the src/powers*.inc files - most of the monster power stuff is done there and
  2. Do a diff between Pos and the version of NPP it forked from (which I believe was originally 0.3.1, updated to 0.3.4, and had some bugfixes from 0.4.0) - this should give a good idea of what needs to be added.

I would also suggest posting your code publicly somewhere (github is currently the most popular, but wherever), so others can comment and potentially (if you want to let them!) contribute.
Thanks for the advice! Learning to use more of git's power was interesting.
I think it should be viewable by anyone now. The committed version will even compile and can be played, though you still won't feel very monstrous.
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